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My name is Jo and I’d like to thank you for visiting my website and your interest in Dog Tired Dog Walking Services.

There are other Dog Walking Services in the area but I’d like to point out the benefits that you will gain from using Dog Tired and why we stand head and shoulders above the rest.


Why Choose  Dog Tired  Wimbledon Dog Walking Services?


dog walking services wimbledon

A happy and contented dog after a walk on Wimbledon Common with me!

  •  The main aim of me walking your dog, is for your dog to     remain happy   and content. This includes plenty of exercise and enjoying the right types of walks. Dogs are pack animals and therefore love company. I ensure your dog gets plenty of fuss and attention on our walks.
  • Please feel free to tell me what types of walks YOUR dog prefers.Does he prefer a chase with a ball or a ramble in the woods. Hunting rabbits and squirrels or a gentle stroll!!
  • I will be the only person to walk your dog this will ensure your dog learns to trust me and therefore we will  form a bond.
  • I am fully Police checked and can be trusted with your house key
  • I am a non smoker
           I am fully insured
  • I have a fully air conditioned van and your dogs are transported safely in crates
  • I treat all dogs as if they are my own – I never hit a dog
  • All dogs are exercised off lead – unless you tell me otherwise
  • All dogs wear one of my ID tags with my contact details on it
  •  I always clean up after your dog and dispose of it correctly – This something I feel very strongly about.
  • Some dogs love water – I allow my dogs to go into the water to get a drink and cool down – Please let me know if you prefer your dog not to go into the water.  (I am happy to dry your dog after a wet walk if you provide a towel)
  •  I am happy to walk unneutered female dogs – providing they are not in season.
  •  I can remove ‘ticks’ free of charge – this saves you a trip to the vets!
  • Your dog will be given a drink of water at the end of the walk.
  • Your dog will be walked on Wimbledon Common and I will vary the walks so that your dog does not become bored.

    One of the things that is unique about ‘Dog Tired’ is that I wear clothing with the ‘Dog Tired’ logo on. This enables people to easily identify me and my company.

  • And last but by no means least, I will give your dog at least 1 full hour of exercise.               This does not mean 1 hour from the time I pick him up, it means he will get a full hour out of the van and running around.

This is where your dog will be exercised, plenty of fresh air and fun! Your dog won't be walked around boring, built up pedestrian areas!

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If this sounds like the sort of service you have been looking for and you would like to book an appointment that suits you, I will come to your house to meet you and your dog and discuss your dogs requirements.
I can be contacted on 07917 757546 or